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December Harmon wants to end Qualified Immunity for Law Enforcement Officers. Full Stop.

December believes in reallocating funds from law enforcement to social programs and civilian oversight entities.

December believes in creating an age requirement to serve in law enforcement.

"I believe that the police should not have the right to kill me or plant evidence on me. They call this 'hating the police.' They're not a people, they're an occupation. We have to stop treating those performing a job as higher than the law.

In America, we went from wanting to arrest offenders to wanting to arrest people for existing. Why do we arrest people for what they choose to put in their own body? Why do we arrest for what they choose to remove? Why do we arrest based on the color of one's skin? Why?

We should create an age requirement for those wanting to serve in law enforcement. We should ask that applicants be 25 years of age because if you can't rent a car, you shouldn't be allowed to indiscriminately kill people you find suspicious.

-December L. Harmon

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Police Reform

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